Traders you can trust

It’s important to have trustworthy and reputable people working on your home.

Everybody on the LHIA list opposite is vetted to ensure that they operate in a legal, decent, honest and fair way. Using our list is like sharing the contacts of a good friend. We share our trader information with the Police and Lincolnshire Trading Standards.

Using the menu opposite, select the trade you need and it will provide a choice in and around the local area, click on pointers for further contact details.


Listed traders are selected from contractors used regularly by LHIA having shown satisfactory performance in accordance with our required standards of operation, including for work on behalf of vulnerable clients.They will have conformed to our requirements for liability insurance and should be certified in respect of any relevant specialist trades. In some cases, they will be experienced in working in partnership with local government and may be members of TrustMark or Construction Line.

Information is provided in good faith for public reference but users are always recommended to exercise normal consumer discretion in the choice of their contractors.

Lincolnshire Home Independence Agency does not undertake detailed employee checks or guarantee the financial status of independent companies.