In our work, we encounter older and disabled people living in all sorts of circumstances, including people who are full-time carers for spouses or other family members and people living in complete isolation. 

The needs of our customers are as individual as their circumstances, and some people only need a little bit of help.  But all too often we encounter people who are going without the everyday essentials most of us take for granted: being able to a shower or bathe safely, cook a hot meal, keep warm, go out, meet friends.

We're fundraising for a caseworker 

Our caseworker support is a key service and provided completely free of charge.  Our caseworker is typically the first point of contact for older, disabled and vulnerable people who enquire about our services, and can:

  • help them secure funding for home adaptations, improvements and repairs;
  • improve the customer's finances by helping them secure the benefits they are entitled to and manage debt;
  • help make homes accessible, warm, safe and secure (with particular emphasis on avoiding falls, keeping warm and gas, electrical and fire safety);
  • refer customers to services provided by other organisations to enhance their health, safety and wellbeing.

We rely on your financial support so that we can continue to offer this free service to local people. There are several ways you might help:

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