Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue referred to us family of six, comprising mother, father and four children.  Three of the children were under the age of 13 and had complex health problems, two were unable to walk and talk and the youngest had critical heart failure and hydrocephalus.  Three of the children had double incontinence issues.  Our caseworker assessed the family's circumstances and identified the following needs: the mother was cooking in the dark due to inadequate lighting; a dishwasher needed plumbing in; the mother was hand washing the family’s clothes as the washing machine was broken; the fridge freezer was warmer than room temperature; there was no provision for storing the children’s medical items (some of which required refrigeration).

We worked in partnership with various organisations to address these needs:

Children in Need provided funding for a new fridge freezer.

Spalding Town Husbands provided funding for lighting repairs, plumbing in the dishwasher, a new washing machine and shelving for medical products.

LHIA Adaptations Ltd, a subsidiary of Lincolnshire Home Independence Agency, repaired the lighting, plumbed in the dishwasher and new washing machine and put up the shelving.

We are also supporting the family by liaising with Anglian Water with a view to reducing a financial debt.

The family were asked if they wanted to be placed on the Priority Service Register, which provides extra support in the event of a power cut, which they were happy to do.

The mother comments: ‘The caseworker was at all times very, very friendly, and supportive and enabled us make improvements to our home which have really helped us as a family.  I do feel that she did as much for us as she possibly could.  Because I don’t have to spend so much precious time on washing up and doing the laundry by hand, I can devote much more quality time to the family.’

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