We’re amazed how quickly our new wetroom was completed! It was a major job, taking out the old bath which incorporated a large and unwanted motorized bath lift, replacing the old flooring and tiles, but it was turned around in just one week,’ say John and Pat of their home adaptation delivered by LHIA.

The couple decided to fund the adaptation themselves, and were advised by LHIA that the work would be VAT exempt. LHIA’s surveyor visited them at home several times to ensure that the planned adaptation would meet Pat’s needs. Room would be needed to accommodate a turning circle for Pat’s wheelchair and transfer platform. 

Modifications were made along the way to suit John and Pat’s requirements. ‘The builder worked very quickly to ensure that the adaptation was right for us,’ says John. This included small touches, such as installing directed lighting to make it easier to see in the mirror. ‘Because the workmen were able to come and go through the garage to the bathroom, disruption to our daily lives was kept to a minimum.’ LHIA also supplied a shower stool and grab rails.

The shower itself incorporates a range of features for people who are visually impaired or who have limited dexterity, and to reduce the risk of scalding and flooding. The result is the spacious bathing facility Pat needed.  John's verdict: 'They did a very good job!'

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