From the installation of a simple grab rail to a major home adaptation, our customers report the huge difference our services make to their lives.  In addition to reducing the risk of falls and illnesses (particularly respiratory illnesses due to cold, damp and mouldy homes), customer feedback indicates that we go some way towards alleviating the fear and frustration which can go hand in hand with limited mobility and dexterity, whilst enhancing living environments.

Our services not only have a positive impact on individuals, but whole communities too, reducing the burden on health and care services locally, including GP surgeries and hospitals.

As our population ages, individual and collective need for preventive services such as those provided by our charity, can only increase.

The difference we made: 2017/18

Even with slightly less income than the previous year, we helped more people in 2017/18:

Please click here to download a copy of our most recent annual review 2017/18 which shows the impact of our services on the community in preventing injury and illness and promoting health and wellbeing.