Most of us take home essentials, such as lighting, heating or electrical safety, for granted.  But in the course of our work, we regularly come across older and disabled people living without these basics, which puts them at increased risk of accidents and illnesses and severely impacts their quality of life.

Without adequate lighting, one customer could not see properly to get in and out of her home, was worried about security outside her home and had recently had a fall.  Another customer was unable to see adequately in the kitchen or outside her property and was having repeated falls.  A husband and wife were trying to manage health conditions which were exacerbated by ineffective heating.  One customer had no means of showering as the existing shower was broken.  Another couple were unaware that they had dangerously overloaded their electrical sockets in order to have available downstairs all the electrical appliances that they needed (including their Telecare personal alarm).

Our caseworker has helped customers address problems such as these, and many more besides, using funding from partners who include Electrical Safety First* and npower’s Health Through Warmth scheme.  Our caseworker identifies funding sources, applies for funding and co-ordinates work on the customer’s behalf.

One partially-sighted customer comments that the installation of effective lighting has made ‘a massive difference to her life and she is very grateful’.  With good lighting in the kitchen, she can now see to take her medication safely and has the confidence to go outside to the bins and let her pets in and out of the house without having a fall.

Donations from The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018 online fundraising campaign have helped to fund our caseworker support service.

* Electrical Safety First is the UK charity committed to reducing deaths, injuries and accidents caused by electricity. For more information, please visit: