Meet the Team


230616-8We have 26 experienced staff, including assessors, caseworkers, coordinators and surveyors, based around the county – so we are never far away. On major adaptations each of our surveyors is supported by a dedicated caseworker who helps manage projects smoothly and considerately from start to finish. Finance, administrative and managerial staff also play a crucial role.


Mick King, Chief Executive

Steve Penford, Finance & Corporate Services Manager

Debbie Kinnell, Communications & Business Development Officer

Debby Jackson, Business Administration Officer

Jordan Northcott, Technical Administrator

Alison Wholey, Assessment & Casework Manager

Wayne Turrell, Technical Manager

Nicola Bathard, Wellbeing Service Coordination Centre Team Leader

Bethany Huntley, Wellbeing Service Coordinator

Charlotte Mulhall, Wellbeing Service Coordinator

Mandy Walker, Wellbeing Service Coordinator

Barbara Ferguson, Minor Adaptations & Handyperson Coordinator

Julie Roark, Minor Adaptations & Handyperson Coordinator

Catrin Fieldson, Trusted Assessor

Deborah Stalford, Trusted Assessor

Nicola Bennett, Trusted Assessor

Pam Bull, Trusted Assessor

Rachel Barker, Trusted Assessor

David Burrell, Caseworker

Debby Burch, Caseworker

Jane Owen, Caseworker

Nicky Archer, Caseworker

Roy Isherwood, Caseworker

Viv McConnon, Caseworker

Andy Oram, Building Surveyor

Daniell Haddow, Building Surveyor